The water dance is a unique style of sword fighting practiced in the Free Cities, mostly associated with the bravos of the city of Braavos. Practitioners are also referred to as water dancers, given the custom of bravos to duel upon the Moon Pool near the Sealord's Palace; it is claimed that true water dancers can fight and kill upon the pool's surface without disturbing the surface of the water.

The style is a refined form of fencing in which the practitioner stands sideways and wields a slender blade. It is a swift and deadly style that focuses on speed, balance and grace, thus requiring slender pointed blades far lighter than the longswords of Westerosi knights and warriors. Trainees learn to wield their sword as though it is part of the arm, and to see with all the senses.

Pugnacious bravos are a common sight in the city of Braavos, frequently duelling to display their skill.

The Citadel has an account of a water-dancer duel thanks to Pilman of Lannisport, a ship's captain.

Known water dancersEdit

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