"You will never walk again...but you will fly!"
―Three-eyed crow to Bran Stark.
The Three-Eyed Crow (known in the show as the Three-Eyed Raven), and known to the Children of the Forest as the Last Greenseer, is the last of the greenseers, residing beyond the Wall in the cave of the last greenseer. In the books, the three-eyed crow was formerly a Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and a Targaryen loyalist known as Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers. In the show, his origin is unknown. He appeared in green visions to Bran Stark, forcing him to come north to investigate. In the books, he is currently teaching Bran Stark how to hone his abilities as a greenseer. In the show, Bran has completed his training and become the new three-eyed crow, although the original was killed by the Night King during a massive White Walker assault on the cave.


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