The Free City of Qohor, simply known as Qohor, is a city-state located on the western border of the Dothraki Sea, and on the eastern border of the Free Cities, in Essos, and is one of the nine Free Cities. Originating as a colony of the Valyrian Freehold, it gained its independence after the fall of Valyria and during the Century of Blood. Not much is known about its leadership, however Qohor is famous for its professional blacksmiths and blood magic, with Qohorik blacksmiths being the only ones known by the third century AC to be able to reforge valyrian steel. Known as the City of Sorcerers, Qohor possesses a small city watch, but ever since the Battle of the Three Thousand, has given most of the city's guard duty to the Unsullied.


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