"That's not you."
Arya to Nymeria.

Nymeria is the direwolf formerly bonded to Arya Stark, and is named after the famous Rhoynar warrior princess. Born with five other siblings, Nymeria has grey fur and golden eyes. Nymeria stayed by Arya's side when she went south with her father after he was elected King's Hand. When Arya got into an incident with Joffrey, Nymeria rushed in and bit Joffrey's wrist, before fleeing with Arya. Fearing for her wolf's life, Arya had Nymeria flee into the wilderness, where she never saw it again, although Arya will continue to have dreams, as well as hear reports, of what seems to be Nymeria leading a great pack around the North. In the show, however, Arya comes across Nymeria on her way to Winterfell, although Nymeria now leads a pack, is no longer bonded to her, and refuses to come north with her.


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