"A lady's armor is courtesy."
―Mordane to Sansa Stark.

Septa Mordane was the septa of Winterfell, and the tutor of Sansa and Arya Stark. Having become septa at some unknown point prior to Robert's Rebellion or after, Mordane was assigned to Winterfell and took to assisting the studies of the daughters of House Stark. She moved with them to King's Landing when Eddard became the King's Hand, although she notably disapproved of Arya's "unlady like" behaviour. Mordane was present when the purge of Eddard Stark's household guard was put in motion. In the books, she was simply captured, beheaded and her head impaled on a spike on King's Landings walls. In the show, Mordane buys time for Sansa to escape by drawing attention to herself: in the end, she ends up dead regardless. 


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