"With his burning sword? I'll remember that 'till the day I die..."
―Jory talking with Jaime about Thoros of Myr during the Siege of Pyke.

Captain Jory Cassel was a member of House Cassel, and the captain of the guards at Winterfell, as well as a loyal servant of House Stark. Jory went with Lord Eddard to King's Landing when he became the King's Hand as the commander of his household guard. He accompanied Lord Stark everywhere he went, keeping him safe while also delivering his messages. Jory was with Lord Stark when he was ambushed by Ser Jaime and his men outside one of Littlefinger's brothels. Angered by Lady Catelyn's abduction of Tyrion, Jaime and his men attacked, with Jaime himself killing Jory during the battle. 


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