"Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door! Holdor! Holdor! Hodor, Hodor..."
―Hodor's "transformation".

Hodor (real name: Walder in the books, Wylis in the show) is a simple-minded stableboy in Winterfell, and who is currently aiding Bran Stark in his journey North. At some point in his childhood, an incident rendered Walder/Wylis a lackwit, and unable to utter any other words other than "Hodor", a nickname that eventually stuck. Hodor is exceptionally strong and extremely tall, with some believing he has giant's blood in his ancestry. He was present in Winterfell when the Greyjoys captured it, and later aided Bran Stark in escaping, eventually taking him beyond the Wall to the cave of the three-eyed crow. In the books, he is still there, protecting Bran as he conducts his training. In the show, a White Walker assault forces him to stay behind to allow the others to escape: this is revealed to be what caused Hodor's incident, as Bran, by warging into Hodor whilst still in a vision, accidentally warged into Wylis in the past, causing him to become what he is today. 


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