"A Khal does not need a chair to sit upon. He only needs a horse."
―Drogo to Daenerys.

Khal Drogo, also known as Drogo the Undefeated, was a powerful khal of a Dothraki khalasar, and an intended ally of Viserys III Targaryen. He is renowned as the most efficient killer alive, with his braid having never been cut due solely to the fact he had never lost a battle. Seventeen years after Robert's Rebellion in Westeros, Drogo was provided a wife by Viserys III, Daenerys. They eventually loved each other, so much so that Drogo killed Viserys III when he threatened her, and later overturned his decision to not invade Westeros when one of Robert's assassins tried to kill her. Drogo was injured in battle during a raid on Lhazar, and the wound festered into an infection. While trying to save him, Daenerys' had a witch use blood magic to save him, only to put him into a permanent coma. Daenerys' then smothered him rather let him suffer.


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