The Dothraki Sea, also known as the Great Grass Sea, Haunted Lands and the Great Desolation, is a massive inland region in central Essos, located east of the Free Cities, north of Slaver's Bay and west of the Bone Mountains. Easily the largest region on the continent, the Dothraki Sea was once formerly known as the great grass sea, and was considered by many, especially Maester Yandel, as the birthplace of civilization. It is known as the Haunted Lands and Great Desolation due to the ruins of cities and towns that once existed there, but were obliterated, sacked and plundered by the Dothraki when they first emerged from the far east. Overwhelming the entire region, they were finally halted at Qohor after the Battle of the Three Thousand, with the entire region being renamed the Dothraki Sea thereafter. The Dothraki capital, Vaes Dothrak, is located in the northeast of the region.


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