"I ask your oath, that will live and die as blood of my blood, riding at my side to keep me safe from harm."
―A Khal's request for a warrior to become his bloodrider.

Bloodrider (DothrakiDothrakhqoyi) is a Dothraki warrior who has pledged their life to serve their khal: their blood is considered the khal's own blood, and when their khal dies, they are expected to live only long enough to avenge him. Considered the personal bodyguard of the khal himself, the Khal and bloodriders refer to each other respectfully as "blood of my blood" to reflect the sacred bond between them all. A Khal chooses his bloodrider, and when he dies, they are expected to first avenge him, then escort his khaleesi back to Vaes Dothrak to join the rest of the Dosh khaleen, and then to take their own life. 


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