"Our first victory occurred at Summerhall, where I faced off an army of dragon-loyalists and won three battles in a single day... three in one day... Seven hells, that was a glorious day!"
Robert Baratheon describing the battles.

The Battles at Summerhall, also known as the Battles of Summerhall, were a series of three engagements by Robert Baratheon's forces against royalist Stormland forces very early on in Robert's Rebellion. Immediately following Jon Arryn's victory in Gulltown, Robert ventured to the Stormlands to call his banners while Eddard headed to the North to do the same. Three vassal houses to House Baratheon remained loyal to Aerys II however, and these three houses, with limited military support from House Tarly, mobilized at the ruins of Summerhall, with the intent of marching on Storm's End. Instead, Lord Robert led his forces to meet them at Summerhall, where the two forces clashed. Here, Robert won three battles in a single day, and by the end of the battle, had secured the allegiance of the entire Stormlands. 


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