"Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Kill the boy...and let the man be born."
―Aemon to Jon Snow.

Maester Aemon, formerly known as Aemon Targaryen, was the maester of Castle Black and a maester of the Night's Watch. The third son of Maekar I and Dyanna Targaryen, Aemon was sent to join the maesters in the Citadel when Daeron II, his grandfather, was feeling threatened by having too many heirs. Once a full maester, Aemon turned down Maekar I's offer to serve the Iron Throne, and instead served at Dragonstone. Summoned at the Great Council of 233 AC, he turned down an offer to ascend the throne, ceding it to Aegon V. Fearing he would be used in a plot to usurp his brother, he took the black and worked at Castle Black: it was through doing this that he survived Robert's Rebellion. He remained at Castle Black to provide counsel, and survived the Battle of Castle Black. In the books, Aemon goes with Samwell to Oldtown by Jon out of fear Melisandre would use his "royal blood" for sacrifices. On the way there however, Aemon catches a chill and peacefully passes away. In the show, he passes away peacefully at Castle Black.


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